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Ace Eldridge
United States
Pretty much using this as a means to see cool art and use it as a secondary blog. That's about it. I'm a publicity whore though, so if you wanna know more about me:



and Tumblr:
I put this up on Tumblr a few hours ago.  Figured it'd be a nice first entry to my DA journal.

I planned on going on a walk today.  I've been cooped up in this house for so long, I just HAD to get out of the house, even if I had nothing to do.  I needed the fresh air.  So since I had the compulsive urge to leave the house, it rained for a good part of the afternoon.  "Just my luck," I thought.  I was already having a bad day and the fresh air would've let me blow off a little steam.  I opted for my "Plan B" instead: a nap.  I think that's how it is with a lot of people: go to sleep while angry, wake up calm.  While I slept, I dreamed.   While not a good dream, per se….but not a nightmare in any sense, it still unsettled me…

The two of us have been traveling for days to a nondescript location.  It's rainy, gray, and cold, but we're bundled up and I'm carrying our bags.  We've walking through the woods hoping to find some type of civilization.  Our journeying pays off when we find a road, one of those highway roads.  A small grassy hill creates the median between both side of the traffic.  Lots of cars passing by at high speeds.  We think the same thing. We have to hitchhike.  We hop over the barricade getting out of the woods and onto the side of the road.  I leave her with the bags as I stick my thumb trying to flag cars down.  Every once in a while, I look back at her to see if she's all right and to just look at her.  She's so beautiful, she must be crazy to come with me on this trip.  I snap out of that to get back to my work.  Surely SOMEONE out here can find it in their heart to pick up two strangers.  A few minutes pass by and I look back again.  The bags are there, mine and her's, but she's not.  I walk back to our bags.  I hope she hasn't gone far.  Where could she have gone?  I get my answer as soon as I get to the bags.  I look across the street and there she is.  She's hitchhiking as well…..but she's on the other side of the road.  That's not the right direction.  I see a car stop for her.  She gets inside and it pulls off, leaving me alone…

Then I wake up.  Well THAT certainly didn't make me feel better.  But it makes sense.  That's how it's been.  Together for a moment, leaving me the next.  At least it certainly feels that way.  But she's all I've got………so what do I do?  I'm angry alone and miserable together.  I've got no idea what to do or where to go…
  • Mood: Hopeless
  • Watching: Law and Order: SVU

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